The Process


We start with you, because you are your family's world. Tell me about yourself, your kids, your significant other, your life. Eventually, we will get to the photography portion, but the focus is on who you are and who your family is. I'm more of a story teller rather than a photo taker. Specifically, I tell the story you have with your family.

I shoot on-location, meaning I come to you, but the catch is that it has to be special to your family. This is typically done in and around your home, but if there's a park or lake your family frequents, maybe even a cute toy store, as long as it's special, I'll shoot it!

I am not running a stop watch, but sessions are typically an hour. Guess what, mom? You're handing the reigns completely over to me because this is the story with you in it! 

So, let's meet for a cup of coffee or a pint of beer. Let's talk more about your world. See your story, what it is now, because it flies.


Wait, is that Film?


Sometimes I get caught in between rolls of film and I always get the wide-eyed question of, "Is that film?!?!" Yes, I still shoot film. It's the medium I trust to evoke exactly what I want it to in the yummy light. Before you jump the gun here and are wondering what on earth you're going to do with the negatives... well, you still get "digital copies" of your session. In other words, film is the look, but digital is what you get. The lab that processes my film also scans the negatives to create a digital file of your photo. You'll be able to post your photos all over social media or display them on your computer/phone. See, film is awesome! On that note, I'll share that I am considered a hybrid photographer. That means, I'm rolling into your home with more than one camera because I'm such a photography geek. That other camera is a DSLR and I break that baby out when the lighting has its odds against my good friend film. Admittedly, I tend to favor the film camera. 


The Investment


To make your life a little easier, I introduce one all-inclusive price. It is that simple. One shoot, one price, all the photos. 

Sessions are $600 (tax included).

Each session is anywhere from 1-2hrs. Typically 1, but it can go up to 2 with newborns since they need more breaks. All high-resolution digital files will be available via download from your client gallery. This gallery will be up for 30 days to share with relatives and order any super sized quality professional prints. The download pin is provided with the session's 4X6 gift prints that you'll receive via snail mail.