Can I thank you for humoring me? Trust me, I am probably not as funny as I think I am. Well, that's what my husband tells me. Although, he says that while he's laughing at something I said that was hilarious. So, thank you! You'll notice a lot of cute and beautiful smiles over at this corner of the internet.  I am blessed with amazing clients and who have the best sense of humor. Guess who made them smile? Okay, I am actually pretty funny. Anyway, my passion is you. I believe love is best exemplified through you, a mother. The pouring love motherhood brings, I capture that! I tell that story.

This is mine...

My practice baby, was my furbaby, Zeppelin. He's a seven year old, black, labrador retriever and extremely immature for his age. Maybe that's why everyone loves him. Such a puppy at heart (his muzzle is looking so salty these days). Five years later came my daughter, Mikaela, in the summer of 2015. She's the feisty Latina I have always wanted to be. Although she looks exactly like me, she has her papa's spirit with her love of the outdoors. She's my little park ranger. Recently, the spring of 2017, my son, Maddux was welcomed to our nutty family. I am in trouble with this one because he has shown interest in being mobile since week two. He has my dimples and loves to show them off all day. Add those big baby blues, and he has quite the killer combo. Again, trouble. Last, but definitely not least, is my best friend, my husband, Evan. I have loved him since I was 16. The smartest person I know, although, I tell him I am smarter so he doesn't get a big head. I couldn't have asked for a more selfless partner in life. Everything he does, has been for the kids, the puppy and me. Guys, I got a good one. Our favorite things to do as a family is cook, garden, dance and hike. We hope that the kids will love watching Mariners games one day too.